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"We at Eng-IT, identified as a viable and cost effective point data capture software which could be integrated with SpaceClaim. .."

The solution offers both new and existing SpaceClaim users the ability to undertake the full Scan to CAD reverse engineering process within SpaceClaim, finally making this type of technology available to end users and crucially at an affordable price point, which is a positive move away from having to rely on traditional and very expensive 3rd party solutions such as Geomagic & Polyworks.

The best bit about the plug-in is just how easy it is to setup and navigate in order to capture both scanned and point probe data in SpaceClaim’s UI. Then utilising SpaceClaim’s powerful Facets tab, scanned data can then be prepared and reverse engineered back in to usable Solid data with relative ease.


"Certified Gold products enable customers to maximize productivity and design innovative products more efficiently. is providing a valuable add-in for SOLIDWORKS reverse engineering workflows. The seamless integration of various scanners provides a powerful front-end for data capture into SOLIDWORKS," said Nicholas Iwaskow, SOLIDWORKS Director, Alliances & Partnerships.

“  is providing a valuable tool to SpaceClaim's reverse engineering workflow. The tight integration of various scanners provides a powerful front end for data capture into SpaceClaim,"
said John Graham, ANSYS SpaceClaim Marketing Manager.

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