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Import STL, OBJ or PTX file formats

Polygon reduction

Mesh segmentation

Manual mesh alignment in space

Free form Organic modelling

Symmetry based free form modelling

Snap to Mesh Technology

Real-time tolerancing for free form modelling

Surface quality analysis

3D Sketch

Fit Surface

Wrap Surfacing

Automatic Surfacing

Export in IGES or STEP file format

Constrained best fit

Primitive best fit extraction

Relations between extracted primitives

Tolerance fitting and adjusting of primitives like plane, cylinder, sphere, cone etc.

Object alignment in world coordinate system

Best fit alignment of the reference mesh to the reconstructed model

2D sketching with toleranced control

2D sketch offsetting

Constraints and dimensions in 2D Sketch

Revolved and Extruded surfaces

History based parametric modelling

Linear, Circular and Mirror Patterns

Trimming, Chamfer and Filleting

Solids Boolean operations

Helix tool for thread reconstruction

Loft, sweep and pipe surfaces

Hybrid modelling between organic and geometrical surfaces.

Draft Angle analysis

Connect for SOLIDWORKS