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FEDERAL CONTRACTING Siemens NX Solidedge Soliworks Inventor Reverse Engineering Training


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Part # – GSA541611-3Dscan - Customized 

Part # – GSA541611-3Dscan - 

Certificated awarded upon completion of training -

Basic - 3 day

Advanced - 5 day

Complex surfaces - 10 day 

SIN 541611, OLM Senior Executive Associate -  8 hrs per day  = $3500 per day 

Instructor Coach for 3D scanning Reverse Engineering training, guidelines and procedures  - up to 3 students 

 Solidworks , Autodesk Inventor , Autodesk Fusion 360 , Autocad , Siemens Solidedge, Siemens NX, Ansys Spaceclaim, Recap

 Learn Work flow - 3D scan – point cloud- mesh – 3d model- surface modeling – solids creation – Step – compare- 3d printing

Certificated awarded upon completion of training
Conducts formal classroom training to address technical level of knowledge deficiencies.
Contributes to completion of specific training programs and projects.
Provides training solutions to a wide range of difficult problems.
Oversees the planning and designing of instructional methods and materials.
Oversees training and design solutions to develop program management curricula/programs.
Oversees the delivery of on-site and/or in-house training classes, seminars, self-study, lectures, demonstrations, simulation exercises and discussion groups for customers and/or employees.
Develops measurement tools to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction or training interventions.
Maintains current knowledge of relevant training and technology.
coach and review the work of less-experienced professionals.
Pre-requisites: 3D scanning hardware, computers and software equipment to be supplied by customer.
Travel expense - expenses are NOT included in this Fee ). Expenses to be added to invoice total at time of order
 Security clearance - escorted    
***OPTION – Turnkey learning system Bundled
3d Hand scanning hardware, computer and software included $ 30,000 base system -$30,000 k software 1 year right to use requires renewal at end of 12 months - Customers owns hardware - FOB