Why CAD integrated Reverse Engineering software?

Efficient manufacturing requires good digital documentation. When documentation is not available, a reverse engineering process can very precisely scan or digitize an existing physical mold, model or part.

Today’s software providers for reverse engineering, often provide digital data that has been scanned and manipulated outside of your native CAD software.

In contrast, a CAD integrated solution will by-pass the process of digitizing or scanning “outside” of your native CAD design software.  Sampling the surface geometry and disseminating that data as a native entity is a task best done in a native environment.  So if you need a CAD file, use a reverse engineering plug-in that resides direct in your native CAD.

Digitize or scan without leaving the environment you are accustomed to working in.  This logic significantly reduces your reverse engineering learning curve (the skill of reverse engineering) while drastically reducing the time it takes to capture your surface geometry.

Reverse engineering “direct” is far better than using a traditional or the non-native method of data collection.  In fact, the “CAD direct” process, can shave days, weeks and months off of a reverse engineering application.

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