Software Integration

HighRES Compatible Digitizers & CMMs:

FARO PCMM's, FARO Laser Tracker, FARO LS Scanner, FARO LLP Scanner, ROMER USA PCMM's, ROMER Sigma, ROMER Omega, Metris MCA, 3D Creator, Microscribe.

Providing Seamless Software Integration in:

You've heard of imported digitized data making it halfway through the design process and ending up with non- machineable surfaces.

This is the opposite.

Would it surprise you to know we've eliminated the risk of moving digitized surface geometry through the design and manufacturing cycle? We've integrated data collection direct in your CAD/CAM of choice!

What's keeping your engineers from collecting surface data from your existing molds, models or parts?

Nothing, if you have the HighRES software integration solution from

Show them how reverse engineering software integration lets them digitize direct in their CAD/CAM of choice and what it's like to have multiple integrated reverse engineering modules to choose from. Soon, your competitors will think you've hired superman because you are so far ahead of the design process.

From the family of HighRES integrated reverse engineering software modules… The most diverse, multi-choice, seamlessly integrated reverse engineering solution in the market place!