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HighRES Integrated reverse engineering software solutions are developed for the most current release of your native CAD/CAM software. If you are currently using an older version of Siemens NX, you will not be able to install the HighRES solution.

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$ 16,996 USD HighRES INDUSTRIAL Industrial reverse engineering and manufacturing package utilizing a complete feature set of cutplanes & user-defined functions in a user-controlled environment. Cutplane tolerance up to +/- .0001 inch. MicroScribe, FARO, ROMER & 3D Creator. View Products
$ 3,995 USD HighRES
Feature PLUS 5


HighRES Integrated Point Processor (HIPP); bring point clouds direct into Siemens NX as native entities.


MicroScribe, FARO, ROMER & 3D Creator. View Products

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