Hardware Integration

Digitizers utilizing HighRES to link your native CAD/CAM software

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Hardware Integration
The MicroScribe digitizers are a precision Mechanical Arm - High performance sensors track the position and orientation of the stylus tip. Graphite links create a robust yet lightweight structure. Counter-balanced for a comfortable feel.
Hardware Integration
The FaroArm is a multi-axis portable measurement arm that measures complex surfaces as well as conventional features, such as circles and lines. With the FaroArm, manufacturing measurements are made easy. The complete FaroArm product line features over 20 models in a variety of sizes, accuracies, and freedom-of-movement configurations.
Hardware Integration

The FASTRAK is a highly accurate, low-latency 3D motion tracking and digitizing system. FASTRAK can track up to four receivers at ranges of up to 10 feet. Multiple FASTRAKs can be multiplexed for applications that require more than four receivers.

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3D Creator
The 3D Creator is a wireless, 3-dimensional measuring system that measures points within a volume of space using infrared light technology. The user holds a wireless probe, or wand, and touches its measuring tip to points on an object to be measured. Alternatively, the wand tip can be scrolled over surfaces with data points sampled on a continuous basis. The location of the wand tip is tracked by an infrared sensor array. The system then calculates the X, Y and Z coordinates of the tip, and pointing angles of the want, using a sophisticated set of algorithms. The 3D Creator is capable of measuring a wide size range of parts.