Reverse Engineering FARO®

Reverse Engineering FARO
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For more than 20 years, FARO Technologies has been the proven portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provider for industry powerhouses such as Boeing and General Electric, to successful smaller shops like Rose Metal Industries and Lindgren Automation. Companies around the world choose FARO for their portable measurement needs, making it the proven market leader with more than 19,600 installations for approximately 9,200 clients worldwide.


Undisputed measurement accuracy. Durability and reliability even in the harshest of manufacturing environments. Adaptable software platforms in seven languages. Unrivaled customer support. And the list goes on.

Principle products include the FaroArm® – the world’s best-selling portable measurement arm; the Laser Tracker ION™ – the world’s most accurate large volume laser tracker; the Laser ScanArm® – the perfect contact/non-contact measurement system; the Gage – the device that replaces most hand-held measurement devices; and the Laser Scanner Photon – the longest range 3D phase shift laser scanner.

FARO products are the industry standard for inspection, digitizing, and CAD-to-part analysis. In fact, FARO offers the world's only comprehensive on-site/in-process measurement solution for everyone from machinists to large-part manufacturers.

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