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March 2008


"Excel Foundry & Machine- New Revenues and a New Future Thanks to" Facing fierce competition, Illinois-based Excel Foundry & Machine - a manufacturer of replacement parts for mining and rock crushing equipment - decided to expand rather than stay in place. Discarding its manual process, Excel deployed CAD-integrated 3D software from (formerly HighRES) to operate more efficiently and develop new lines of business. The result: More revenue, more customers and a brighter future. Website
March 2008


"Machining Company Reinvents Itself with HighRES" With the manufacturing base of the United States facing intense global competition, the choices is clear: give up or evolve. Modern Cam of Taylor, Michigan decided to evolve - investing in and implementing new technologies. The result: New revenues and new lines of business.
SolidWorks Express Newsletter
July 2005
"SolidWorks Partner Update" SolidWorks CAD integrated reverse engineering case story. Read how Process Systems, an industrial pump company of over 50 customer-driven individuals, uses the HighRES for SolidWorks CAD integrated reverse engineering software solution to help them to accelerate their business.

Inventor User Group Newsletter 2004

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"CMM & CAD: From Conceptual Design to Quality Control" Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, LLC., discusses their RealTime application and how they create drawings on large rotors that are up to 30 feet in length with multiple journal diameters and have a short window of opportunity to get these measurements using Autodesk Inventor and HighRES software with a ROMER portable CMM.
Immersion Website
June 2004
"HighRES Industrial for SolidWorks - Product Packaging" POP "point of purchase" packaging for consumer products is simplified. Read how Plastic Concepts, Inc. reduced turnaround for product prototyping by 40 percent by implementing the bundled solution of SolidWorks and HighRES software with a MicroScribe digitizer.
April 2002
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"Going About It Backwards" Read how NASA uses HighRES reverse engineering software to test its space-age "lifeboat" for astronauts.

Engineering Development International 1999
Official Publication of FEANI

European Federation of National Engineering Associations
"Faster returns with reverse engineering" Implementing reverse engineering software and maintaining its functionality is essential to ensure a competitive edge. HighRES offers dynamic new software solutions for every level.
Managing Application News 8/1/98 "Reverse Engineering Software has a flare for fender design" Highlighting the efforts of Bushwacker, an Off-road aftermarket accessories manufacturer and how HighRES software cut their 16-week design cycle in half.
Design News

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"Reverse engineering takes giant leap forward" Discussing the first time application of capturing 3D IGES 128 Nurb surface information off the U.S. Navy’s LSD49 Wildcat winch and simulating the working model by way of animation. A complete computer generated working model for analytical purposes.
Software Strategies

"Olympic Race to the Finish"
"Let the Games Begin"
"Reverse Engineering, Napkin to Prototype"

The comprehensive recount of HighRES taking an Olympic product from napkin to prototype (’98 Winter Olympics – Nagano, Japan)

Inc. Magazine
(Technology Supplement) 11/01/97
"The Ultimate Head Trip" A synopsis of how the HighRES reverse engineering design solution directly affected Mosa Extreme Sports, a manufacturer of Pro-Tec helmets and increased productivity by 60%.
Tooling & Production
Software Solutions; "Efforts get streamlined by reverse engineering A recap of how K2 Sports integrates HighRES software as its backbone for reverse engineering applications.
Product Design & Development
"The Hollywood Connection" A case study discussing the similar tools of engineers and moviemakers. Referencing Disney Studios and England’s Pinewood Studios use of HighRES software.
Machine Design
"Digitizing the Tough Stuff" A comprehensive review of several difficult digitizing projects highlighting the reverse engineering of the NASA/XCORP car & the Rockfish model as the entrance way of the Columbus Center in Baltimore, Maryland.