Why ReverseEngineering.com

How can the effectiveness of a reverse engineering bundle and the CAD integrated reverse engineering software plug-in be substantiated?

If you know how to use CAD, then the use of the reverse engineering software plug-in ultimately becomes second nature.  You simply look for the plug-in tool set, as it resides with the rest of the features within your native CAD.  A training class can immediately optimize the ability to quickly get up to speed with the reverse engineering logic.

How can you determine the integrity of the reverse engineering plug-in?

The reverse engineering bundle has been utilized in the market place since 1985.    Customers currently using this solution include but are not limited to the  US Government, Fortune 500 Corporations, Independent Design Consultants, Middle-America Manufacturers and Garage “Mom and Pop” shops.

What are the hardware and software specs required to implement a reverse engineering bundle at my facility?

Hardware specs:

  • Determine what size portable CMM you need to reach around the surface geometry of your physical mold, model or part.  Size of digitizers may have limitations, although this can usually be dealt with by using the leap frog feature which can be purchased as part of the reverse engineering software plug-in.
  • Determine what accuracy tolerance is required when reverse engineering your physical mold, model or part.
Where do I start if I want to implement a reverse engineering bundle?

Determine if you have any of the necessary components starting with the following:

  • Computer
  • CAD Design Software
  • Portable CMM for digitizing or a portable scanner
  • CAD integrated reverse engineering software plug-in
  • Dedicated person assigned to be in charge of your reverse engineering bundle
Working with a reverse engineering bundle is EASY.

When utilizing the components of a reverse engineering bundle, you do the following:

Set up your physical mold, model or part.  Check for stability of the part and review access to surface geometry from all directions.  Look for identifying features.

What items are needed to assemble a reverse engineering bundle?

A reverse engineering bundle consists of the following components:

  • Digitizing or Scanning Hardware (Portable CMM)
  • CAD Design Software
  • CAD Integrated Reverse Engineering Software plug-in.
How does CAD integrated reverse engineering software improve the Reverse Engineering process?

A direct CAD reverse engineering software plug-in, by passes the need to import “manipulated” data.  By simplifying the reverse engineering process, this type of CAD integrated software plug-in completely eliminates the need to over edit mangled data files from 3rd party scanning software applications.

Why CAD integrated Reverse Engineering software?

Efficient manufacturing requires good digital documentation. When documentation is not available, a reverse engineering process can very precisely scan or digitize an existing physical mold, model or part.

Today’s software providers for reverse engineering, often provide digital data that has been scanned and manipulated outside of your native CAD software.