About Us

Reverse EngineeringReverseEngineering.com's newest interface, HighRES Integrated Pointcloud Processor (HIPP), provides the ability to natively import scanned into CAD systems as parametric sketches that can be modified into 3D models. ReverseEngineering.com recently announced that it has aggressively expanded and enhanced its operations, with increased focus on customer services and R&D. With its diverse family of reverse engineering software modules, ReverseEngineering.com offers several integrated solutions for turbocharging your reverse engineering process while providing a "model as you go" environment.

ReverseEngineering.com's family of CAD integrated reverse engineering and measurement software dramatically improves workflow by providing time saving functionality and eliminating the need to import data from non-native software platforms. This capability significantly improves the ability to edit or inspect digitized data in your native CAD environment as true native CAD entities. The company's solutions bridge the gap between CAD and CMMs and laser scanners.

Mission : Enable the CAD World to 'Go Native'
ReverseEngineering.com develops and markets plug-and-play software tool sets that quickly and accurately imports raw digitized data from portable CMMs and laser scanners into CAD/CAM systems as native data for parametric sketches. Providing what is essentially a universal front end for reverse engineering, we have eliminated the data translation issues usually associated with reverse engineering and related applications. Taking a modular approach, we provide more than 500 CAD/CAM integrated tool sets addressing any need, from entry-level to the most sophisticated CAD applications.

History: Continuous Innovation
Our quest to find a better way to integrate CAD/CAM and scanned physical objects for faster and more accurate reverse engineering and measurement goes back to 1986. We were founded to provide reliable, time-saving CAD/CAM integrated reverse engineering solutions to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Since then we have become the leader in the effort to integrate the digital and physical worlds. With research and product development efforts focused on integrated photogammetry, laser scanners, and trackers, we offer a comprehensive line of software for CMMs for manufacturing, design, and engineering.

Customers: From SMBs to the Fortune 500 and Beyond
Our customers include manufacturers, designers, engineers, mold makers, animation model makers, aerospace companies, the automotive and defense industries, and small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

Our customers include: NASA Dryden Flight Center, the U.S. Navy, Pratt & Whitney, Disney Imagineering, Auto Research Center-NC, Big Dog Motorcycle, Denmark Centre for Maritime Archeology, Digital Domain Studios, Hyde Athletic Industries, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath, Procter & Gamble, Riverside Community College, Wolverine World Wide, Yamaha Motor Sports, and the University of California San Diego Bio-Engineering Dept.

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